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ASEAN Study Visit “Learning Cities: Drivers for Youth Participation in Climate Change Governance”

  • How does meaningful youth participation in Climate Change & Environmental Governance look like?
  • How can Learning City tackle the climate crisis and actively engage & collaborate with young people? 
  • How can greater youth participation in policy making and implementation towards multilevel Climate Change & Environmental Governance be ensured?

The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) invited 21 Youth Leaders from ASEAN to join a 10-day Study Visit on “Learning Cities: Drivers for Youth Participation in Climate Change Governance” in Bangkok, Thailand; and Manila, the Philippines from 6-16 November 2022. The project focused on the role of ASEAN cities in tackling the climate crisis, in particular through the engagement and collaboration with young people.

With stopovers in these two capitals, participants learned about existing structures and processes of policy making & implementation in the field of Climate Change & Environment (CC&E), analysed multilevel governance approaches from the municipal to the global level, and discussed how youth participation can be enhanced in these fields for greater impact.

The programme included workshops & trainings, on site visits and engagement with local communities, meetings with experts from urban institutes & higher education institutions, as well as representatives from the municipal government & national ministries. Together with researchers from the ASEM LLL Hub Research Network 6 on ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, facilitators from the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN), the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and experts from the ASEAN Youth Organisation (AYO), participants worked towards an ASEAN Youth Report on “Learning Cities: Drivers for Youth Participation in Climate Change Governance”. The Report will serve as a resource for youth organisations and decision makers in ASEAN.

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