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Deepak Dhawan; HSF

Young South Asia Network (YSAN)

About YSAN

YSAN is the latest initiative by Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) to support young and promising future leaders from South Asia by providing them the opportunity to engage with their global counterparts and enable them to shape their countries’ future. These young leaders from science, politics, media and administration need an understanding of different perspectives in society and politics.

HSF supports this exchange and enables emerging leaders from South Asia and Europe to conduct a healthy multilateral discourse on global challenges.

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YSAN Theme 2022

South Asia is a rapidly urbanizing region with its urban population growing by 130 million between 2001 and 2011, and is projected to rise by almost 250 million by 2030. The cities of the world's emerging economies are increasingly drivers of global prosperity while the planet's resources are fast depleting. Climatic risks such as sea-level rise, rising temperatures, and extreme weather events will amplify the vulnerability of South Asian cities.

There is an urgent need for regional and global cooperation to address collective and sustainable infrastructure, mobility, energy, housing, water, and waste management needs, committed professionals need to connect with each other and exchange best practices. Young minds from South Asia can play an important role as change-makers to aspire for livable urban spaces for the future.

The 2022 edition of YSAN aims to bring these young leaders together and equipping them with the connections and skills needed to address these issues. A multilateral exchange with experts and young professionals from Europe intends to stimulate a fruitful dialogue to find visions, ideas and solutions for common challenges.

Key Issues:

  • Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation in Cities
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility
  • Urban Governance and Active Citizen Participation
  • (Plastic) Waste Management – From a linear to circular economy

Program Overview

The 2022 edition of YSAN tentatively includes the following activities:

Tentative date: 2-3 August, 2022

The online workshop aims to familiarize the YSAN cohort with fundamentals of urban sustainability in South Asia. It will include thematic exchange with Asian experts and soft skills development of the participants. The online workshop will also serve as the inaugural meeting platform for all participants and discuss the preparation of the delegation trip to Germany.

Tentative date: 24 September to 2 October, 2022

The international study trip includes exchange between South Asian young leaders and their European counterparts on subject-specific topics as well as other relevant topics on democracy and culture. It will also include cultural programmes and excursion trips to topic related project sites.

Tentative date: 10 October, 2022

Upon the completion of the study trip, the participants will become part of the YSAN alumni network. The YSAN alumni are encouraged to constantly stay in touch with each other personally or through social media. The alumni-centric activities also include papers/publications on the selected topics under this year’s theme along with social media coverage.

Being an active member of YSAN Alumni means:

  • Be in touch with each other personally or through social media
  • Being involved in working groups or project activites of HSF as experts
  • Network meetings at least once a year


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